How to switch between registered Guest accounts on a mobile device

The DoubleDown Casino mobile application allows you to play connected to your Facebook account or as a Guest. We strongly recommend registering your Guest account so you will not lose your progress and chips when upgrading to a new device.

If multiple members of your household share the same device, the steps below will help you to log in and out of different Guest accounts.

To sign out of the active player account:

1. Tap Tap the three parallel lines in the upper right to open the settings/options menu. to open the Options menu.

2. Tap Logout.

Now that you are logged out, you will see the options of Facebook Login and Play Now. To switch to a different Guest account than you just logged out of:

1. Choose Play Now to play as a Guest.
2. Tap Switch to open the login prompt. (Choosing Continue would log you back in to the Guest account you were just using.)
3. Enter the email address and password for the Guest account you wish to access.

We recommend customizing your Guest account avatar and name so you can always easily identify which account is logged in.


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