What happened to Guest play on DoubleDownCasino.com?

The ability to play as a Guest on DoubleDownCasino.com has been removed as of October XX, 2017. We apologize for any disappointment. This feature was always extremely limited, allowing for only 30 minutes of play with a starter quantity of 200,000 chips, restricting the game options to single-player only, and treating you as a new visitor every time rather than allowing you to continue your experience.

To play in your web browser, you must now log in to Facebook (either on Facebook or DoubleDownCasino.com). There are many benefits to logging in:

  • Grow your chip stack as you spin & win
  • Collect lots of free chips
  • Play across multiple devices
  • Reap the benefits of a free Diamond Club account
  • Continue your progress in slots enhanced with the Level Up Plus feature
  • and more!

DoubleDown Casino is also available for mobile devices! Download from the Apple App Store/iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, or Samsung Galaxy App Store. On mobile, you can either log in to a Facebook account or register a mobile-only Guest account with your email address.

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