Sending and receiving gifts in DoubleDown Casino

Each day, you can send one gift to each of your Facebook friends through DoubleDown Casino. Each friend can choose to send one to you as well. Up to 3 gifts can be redeemed per day. There is no expiration on gifts you have received but not yet opened. 

Note: The "day" resets at midnight Pacific time for the gifting feature. 

The gift icon in the casino will show a number to indicate you have one or more gifts available to redeem. If you have already redeemed the maximum number of gifts for the current day, or if you have no unopened gifts waiting, there will be no number on the icon.

This gift icon shows a 3, indicating there are 3 gifts available to redeem: Click the gift icon to Invite Friends, Send Gifts, and/or Collect Gifts.

Click the gift icon to open the gift console. From there, you can Invite Friends to play DoubleDown Casino, Send Gifts, and/or Collect Gifts.

The gift wheel will open. Click the spin icon at the center to proceed with your gift spin, or click the red X icon to save it for later.

Click the spin icon to collect the gift

After your gift spin, you will see two buttons: Gift Back and Done. If Gift Back is grayed out, that means you have already sent this friend a gift today.

If you are online when the gifting day starts over (at midnight Pacific), it may seem as if you are able to redeem more gifts than usual; this is because you just claimed "today's gifts" and are now getting to claim "tomorrow's gifts" right away.

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