Earn a million chips by inviting friends to play DoubleDown Casino.

DoubleDown Casino is even better with friends! You can send each other gifts, as well as maximize your Friend Bonus on the Daily Wheel.

We're always grateful to know that fans love our game and want to share the love with their friends, so we've sweetened the pot with a 1,000,000 chips bonus.
To invite a friend using Facebook:

Visit DoubleDown Casino on Facebook, and click on the gifts icon: Click the gift icon to invite friends to play DoubleDown Casino.

On the gifts console, click Invite Friends.

You will be offered a list of your Facebook friends. Click to select the ones you want to invite. When you're done adding friends, click the Invite Friends button.

A Facebook prompt will appear, listing the friends you have chosen along with the message they will receive. Click Send Requests to proceed. 


To invite a friend using the DoubleDown Casino mobile app:

Launch the app, log in to your Facebook-connected account, and tap the friends icon in the main lobby: Tap the friends icon to invite friends to play DoubleDown Casino.

Tap the Invite Friends button.

You will be offered a list of your Facebook friends. Tap to select the ones you want to invite. The icon on the right will change to a checkmark to indicate you have selected them. The list is randomly generated by Facebook; use the Search more friends field at the top to look for specific friends to invite.

When you’re done selecting friends, tap the Send button to proceed.

Important: This process must be initiated by clicking one of the icons shown above. There are other ways to invite friends to play through Facebook itself, but to earn the bonus chips, the invitation must be sent directly from within DoubleDown Casino. 

Your friends will receive your invitation via Facebook, and you can wait for the chips to roll in. In order to make sure you get the bonus, your friends must click on your Facebook notification, accept your request, and install the game. If your friend accepts the invitation from their mobile device, they must download the app, run it, and sign in to their Facebook account for you to receive your reward.

Please note, you are not guaranteed to receive a million chips each time you invite a friend. In addition to accepting the invitation directly, the friends must be new to the game. If they have played in the past, the invitation is not eligible for the million chips reward.

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