Guest account limitations

You can play as a Guest in our mobile application, but there are limitations.

If you play as a Guest on your mobile device:

  • Your chips and level progress are tied to the device. That means that if you change from Android to iPhone or vice versa, your game data will be lost. Logging in through Facebook means that your data is safely backed up and can be shared across multiple devices.*
  • Guest accounts on the mobile app cannot send or receive gifts, as gifts are shared between Facebook friends. While playing as a Guest, you will not be able to see your friends.
  • Mobile players who start out playing as Guests can later log in to Facebook, but the game accounts will remain separate. You can maintain a Guest account and a Facebook-connected account on the same device if you choose. Learn more about switching between accounts on your device.

There are numerous benefits to logging in through Facebook in DoubleDown Casino.

* If you register your mobile Guest account, your chips and progress are safely backed up and can be accessed on multiple devices. The other limitations apply to all Guest accounts, regardless of registration.

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