I was playing Poker and got disconnected. What happened to my chips?

When you take a seat at a Poker table at DoubleDown Casino, there is a minimum buy-in. This means you will put up a quantity of chips to create your chip stack. You are never required to sit at the table for any length of time, and you do not forfeit any unplayed chips in your stack when you leave the table. You can exit the table before playing a single hand, and you will not lose the buy-in, because it was not yet deducted from your balance.

At the end of each hand, you will see your chips increase or decrease to reflect the results of the hand. The change is reflected both on your chip stack and on your main chip balance. A fold is counted as a loss of any chips you had committed to the current hand (including the blind, if applicable).

If you get disconnected while playing Poker, it counts as a fold. Your current hand is lost, but your chip stack and balance are safe.

We cannot replace chips lost due to a disconnect. There is no way to be sure what the outcome of the hand would have been. We recommend playing with a strong and steady Internet connection to minimize the risk of being disconnected.

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