How to play Video Poker at DoubleDown Casino

DoubleDown Casino features Game King™ Video Poker. To play, choose Video Poker in the casino lobby.

Video Poker challenges you to build the best possible hand with 5 cards in 2 draws. Your initial draw gives you the 5 starting cards. Choose the cards you want to keep, then draw again to replace the rest. If your hand contains any combination listed in the paytable, you win!

The paytable is different for each variety of Video Poker. Some games recognize winning combinations that other games do not. Make sure to look at the paytable when you start playing, so you know what cards will have the most value.

The paytable will be displayed above or along the sides of the game throughout, but you can view more details at any time by clicking See Pays.

Some games invite you to choose your starting wager, while others start with a default wager. Returning to a game you have played before will start you with the same wager as at the end of your last session. Increase or decrease your wager by increments with Bet Up and Bet Down. Chips are deducted when you click Deal

  • Your arrow keys act as keyboard shortcuts to change your bet. The up and right arrow keys are shortcuts for Bet Up, and the down and left arrow keys are shortcuts for Bet Down. 

Video Poker Options

Note: The Options button is found on the paytable for certain varieties of Video Poker.

  • Graphics quality
    If your game is running slowly, try a lower setting.
  • Speed
    Change the speed for the card draw animations.
  • Deal / Draw / Skip on Space
    Enable the keyboard shortcut to use your spacebar for Deal and Draw.
  • Change background colour
    Choose your favorite shade for the virtual card table.

Play a hand

Click Deal (or tap your spacebar, if you have enabled the keyboard shortcut) to draw your initial hand of 5 cards.

Choose which cards, if any, you want to hold. Use any combination of the following actions:

  • Click individual cards
  • Click and drag two or more adjacent cards
  • Use the 1-5 keys on your keyboard
  • Click a card a second time to cancel the hold on it

When you are happy with your held cards, click Draw (or tap the spacebar). You will be dealt new cards to replace any you haven't held. This is your final hand, and you will be awarded if you have a winning combination.

You must choose the cards you want to hold before hitting Draw. Even if the initial deal gave you a perfect hand (a straight, flush, or full house, for instance), you must tell the game you want to keep all 5 cards in order to get credit for the win.

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