Are your games really random?

The odds of winning on any given spin are completely random. Our games are built using a carefully designed mathematical model, and each is guaranteed to pay out at a specific average across all players over time. What is important to understand is that the probability of winning is based on all players, not any individual player. While the slots may feel "tight" or "loose" to you on a given day, other players will be feeling differently based on their experience at the same time, on the same slot.

To illustrate this effect, please imagine four players at a casino, enjoying their favorite slot machine, all in a row. Each player has $1000 to play with, and the aggregate payout at the imaginary casino is 90%. The four players take five spins each, betting $200 each time.

  1st spin 2nd spin 3rd spin 4th spin 5th spin win/loss

% payout

Kate 0 0 0 0 0 -1000 0%
Cindy +200 +1200 +800 +600 +2000 +3800 480%
Fred +600 +200 0 0 0 -200 80%
Keith 0 0 0 0 +2000 +1000 100%
            +3600 90%


As you can see, the individual experiences of the players differ greatly, but the performance of the casino as a whole is consistent.

Poor Kate is having a run of bad luck--she spun five times and didn't win once. From her perspective, this is a 0% payout.

Cindy, on the other hand, has had nothing but good luck. She is having a dream day on this machine.

Fred and Keith each won on some spins and lost on others. They probably feel this has been a decent day at the casino.

When you look at all four players, you can see that the casino paid out its projected 90%, though none of these players saw exactly 90% individually. One did thrillingly well, one had a very disappointing day, and the other two had a good time, winning some and losing some along the way.

The outcome of each spin is random, but the outcome for all players over time will meet the payout percentage calibrated for each slot and at the casino as a whole.

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