What are Gold Coins?

If you are playing DoubleDown Casino while logged in to your Facebook account, you are automatically earning Gold Coins while you play! The Gold Coins are a free bonus to you, no purchase necessary.

Gold Coins are earned while playing on mobile devices as long as you are logged in to Facebook, but they cannot be redeemed within the mobile app. To redeem your Gold Coins, please visit DoubleDown Casino on Facebook or DoubleDownCasino.com.

Click the three parallel lines icon to open the options menu: Click the three parallel lines icon to open the options menu.

Click the Gold Coins icon in the options menu: Click the Gold Coins icon to access the sweepstakes entry console.

You will see your current total of Gold Coins. Click the Win button to see what you might choose to do with the Gold Coins you have collected.

Gold Coins can be exchanged for entries in sweepstakes. After clicking Win, you will be shown a list of the current sweepstakes available. If you have enough Gold Coins to exchange for one or more entries in any sweepstakes currently running, you will have a Get Tickets button for that sweepstakes. If you don't see a Get Tickets button on one or more sweepstakes, that means you don't currently have enough Gold Coins to enter. Keep playing DoubleDown to earn more Gold Coins!

Exchange Gold Coins for entries in sweepstakes

Each sweepstakes will display the current number of tickets sold and the time remaining until the sweepstakes ends and the winner is selected. Each ticket is an equal chance to win.

Unfortunately, Gold Coins cannot be redeemed on Guest accounts. In order to take advantage of this bonus feature, you must be logged in through Facebook.

Gold Coins cannot be exchanged for chips. There is no way to transfer Gold Coins between different player accounts.

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