I'm having trouble claiming free chips on Facebook.

When you see an offer for free chips from DoubleDown Casino, you probably click right away. So does everyone else! So many players clicking on the link at once can cause the system to get bogged down, but it is still working to fulfill all the requests. We are taking steps to improve this process in every way we can.

Typically, your free chips will be added within a minute or so, and you will see the confirmation message appear on the screen. Enjoy your free Daily Wheel spin while you wait. Usually, by the time you claim your spin winnings, you will see the message confirming your free chips have been added.

If you don't see the message, try refreshing your page. If, after refreshing, you see a message that you have already received the free chips for the current promotion, that means the chips were added to your balance successfully.

It is a good idea to make note of your balance at the end of each gaming session so that you can be confident you are receiving your free chips.

Please note that you should only click on free chips offers that are posted by the official DoubleDown Casino Facebook account. You can always tell an official, verified account by its blue check mark.

Look for the blue check mark.

If you hover your mouse over the user who created a Facebook post or comment, you can see their profile preview. Look for the blue check mark to make sure you are always clicking links posted by our official account. Keep in mind that scammers may create fake accounts with official-sounding names.

Tip: Hover over the blue check mark icon as well to be absolutely confident! A scammer could Photoshop a blue check mark onto their cover photo. The real icon will pop up the message Verified page when you mouse over it, as shown below.

The blue check mark indicates a verified account.

There are a number of untrustworthy sites and unofficial Facebook accounts that offer free or discounted chips. Do not click on links or buy chips from unofficial accounts, as these are dangerous to your computer and your personal information. Remember that if an offer is "too good to be true," you should not take the chance of clicking on it.

DoubleDown Casino will never require you to complete a survey in order to collect free chips. If you are asked to complete a survey in exchange for chips, that is a scam.

Promotional links are active for a limited time only and cannot be redeemed more than once by the same player.

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