I'm having trouble claiming free chips on Facebook.

When you see an offer for free chips from DoubleDown Casino, you probably click right away. So does everyone else! So many players clicking on the link at once can cause the system to get bogged down, but it is still working to fulfill all the requests. We are taking steps to improve this process in every way we can.

Typically, your free chips will be added within a minute or so, and you will see the confirmation message appear on the screen. Enjoy your free Daily Wheel spin while you wait. Usually, by the time you claim your spin winnings, you will see the message confirming your free chips have been added.

If you don't see the message, try refreshing your page. If, after refreshing, you see a message that you have already received the free chips for the current promotion, that means the chips were added to your balance successfully. Promotional links are active for a limited time only and cannot be redeemed more than once by the same player.

It is a good idea to make note of your balance at the end of each gaming session so that you can be confident you are receiving your free chips.

Finally, a public service announcement: Always click with caution. There are a number of malicious websites and fake Facebook accounts out there, and they will try to lure you to click with the promise of free chips. You can easily identify the official DoubleDown Casino Facebook account as they use blue check marks to identify verified accounts. 

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