Avoid purchasing chips from unauthorized sellers.

There are a number of fraudulent sellers claiming to offer DoubleDown Casino chips for purchase. Doing business with these groups or individuals is a violation of the DoubleDown Terms of Use, and it could get you banned from the game.

Purchasing from illicit sellers puts you at risk. It is unsafe to provide sensitive personal data to strangers operating a shady business. They may be running the chip sales operation for the purpose of collecting personal information, passwords, and credit card numbers.

Many illegal chip sellers ask for access to your Facebook account. This exposes your personal information and password, which may then be used to hack in to your other accounts, make purchases using your credit card, even commit identity theft.

Simply put, if a deal is too good to be true, don't trust it. Please beware of these fraudulent chip sale offers. 

DoubleDown Casino is the only authorized seller for chips, so you can trust that your purchase is secure. Also, be sure to Like the official DoubleDown Casino Facebook page to stay informed about our latest promotions and sales. We regularly give away free chips through our official page, as a sign of appreciation for our loyal players.

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