Get free bonus chips every day with the Daily Wheel spin

The Daily Wheel bonus at DoubleDown Casino is based on three factors:

  • Friend Bonus
    How many of your Facebook friends also play DoubleDown Casino?
  • Return Bonus
    How many days in a row have you visited the casino?
  • Daily Spin
    When the spinning wheel stops, which prize wedge will be selected? In Diamond Club, each time you advance to the next tier, you will see a higher-value wedge added to the wheel!

When you visit the casino for the first time each day, you will get your free Daily Wheel spin. If you are playing on your computer (via Facebook or, the spin will start automatically. On a mobile device, if you launched the game by tapping on a mobile notification or free chips offer, the spin will not happen automatically. Instead, the game will complete the original action (adding free chips and/or loading a specific slot). Once you take an action in the game, such as spinning the slot or returning to the lobby, the Daily Wheel will launch.

The Friend Bonus is based on how many of your Facebook friends have our game installed. You receive $1,000 chips for each friend, up to the maximum of 25. If any friends uninstall our application, they will no longer count toward your bonus. Note: If you run your Daily Wheel spin on rather than on Facebook, there is no Friend Bonus added.

The Return Bonus is determined by the number of consecutive days you have logged in to the game. For each consecutive day (up to the maximum of 25), you receive $1,000 chips.

The wheel itself is completely random! You could win any amount shown on the wheel, when the spin comes to a stop.

The Daily Wheel resets at 12:00 AM Pacific time.

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