Using the Game Finder in DoubleDown Bingo

When you start a game of Bingo at DoubleDown Casino, you can choose to join the first available session based only on selecting Manual vs. Auto-Daub. There are more options available, however, if you use the Game Finder.

Hint: The fewer criteria you set in the Game Finder, the faster you will find a game to join. For faster results, choose the criteria that matter to you, and leave the others at Any. A game cannot start until 10 players have joined. 

The Game Finder options are:

  • Which pattern?
    The pattern is the layout of numbers you're trying to match on your Bingo card(s). You can choose to play with fun shapes only or to have a mix of funky and traditional patterns.

  • How fast?
    You can look for a game that moves a little more quickly if you have a need for Bingo speed. 

  • How much?
    Higher cost cards pay out higher prizes, but your initial investment is also higher. Looking to play longer? Try a lower price per card.

  • Autoplay?
    Auto-Daub games let you keep your hands free to chat. Manual is the classic way to experience Bingo. Choose On for Auto-Daub and Off for Manual.

After setting your selections, click Find Game. You will be matched with the next available game. If, on the other hand, there are no games matching your criteria, a new game will be created for you, and you will wait for other players to join it.

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