Texas Hold'Em & Wild Action Texas Hold'Em

In Texas Hold'Em, each player is dealt 2 hole cards. 5 community cards dealt to the center of the table combine with each player's hole cards to form hands. The game will automatically select your best 5-card hand, using any combination of community and hole cards.

Community cards are revealed in stages known as the Flop, the Turn, and the River. Betting rounds occur before each stage.

The first round of bets takes place before any community cards are shown. You are betting on the potential you see in your hole cards alone. The Flop then reveals the first 3 community cards.

After the next betting round, the Turn reveals the fourth community card.

A final betting round occurs before the reveal of the fifth and final community card, the River.

Wild Action Texas Hold'Em uses the same rules, but this variation makes it quick and easy to move between tables. When you fold, instead of waiting out the hand, you can click New Table and immediately take a seat at the next available game. Use the Fast Fold button to quit a hand at any time, rather than waiting for your turn in the betting round.

Wild Action Texas Hold'Em also offers bonuses for winning streaks at a table. Win multiple hands in a row to collect bonus chips! If another player is on a streak, win a streak breaker bonus for beating them. If your win on a hand causes a player to go bust (lose their full chip stack), you earn a Knockout bonus.

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