I'm having trouble collecting gifts from my friends.

Each day you visit DoubleDown Casino on Facebook, you can send one gift to each friend you choose. You can also receive an unlimited number of gifts per day, but there is a limit of 3 gifts per day you can open and use*. If you have already opened the maximum number of gifts today, you will not be able to open another until the next day. For the gifting feature, the day starts over at midnight Pacific time.

For best results, do not try to redeem a gift before you have taken your free Daily Wheel spin for the day. Gifts are bonus spins of the wheel, and the Daily Wheel will automatically launch when you first visit the casino. Make sure you have already taken your free spin and collected your winnings before attempting to redeem a gift spin. For this reason, we advise opening gifts via the gift box icon in the casino, rather than by clicking a Facebook notification about a gift you have received.

* Diamond Club members at Pink tier or higher can redeem more gifts each day. Gift spins occur on the standard Wheel, not the upgraded Wheel associated with your Diamond Club tier.

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