I purchased chips but have not yet received them.

Thank you for your purchase! We're sorry for any delay or difficulty you encountered in this process, and we will be happy to help.

First, please note that there may simply be a delay. If your purchase was within the last few minutes, we ask that you give the process another minute or two. 

Also, if you have made a purchase and then continued to play, please note that your chips balance changes constantly during the course of play, and it is easy to miss the increase from your purchased chips being delivered while you are paying attention to the game. 

If you are not seeing the purchased chips appear, it may help to exit and relaunch the game. Take note of your balance before exiting so that you can be sure whether it changes upon loading again.

If you still have not received your purchased chips, please do contact our Customer Experience team for assistance. For the speediest resolution, provide your receipt in your initial message if possible.

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