Turning sounds on or off in DoubleDown Casino

At DoubleDown Casino, there are multiple sound control options. The primary control to adjust all sounds in the casino is in the main options menu.

To access the options menu, click the three parallel lines icon: The three parallel lines icon will open the main options menu. 

In the options menu, click the volume icon: Click the speaker icon in the options menu to access sound controls.

Click the radio button beside On or Off to adjust your sound.

Turning the sound off in this menu will completely silence all sound effects and music throughout DoubleDown Casino. The game will remember your choice for future visits (if your browser cache is cleared, this setting may need to be selected again).

If you want to mute only certain game sounds and not the entire casino, you can do so within the individual games. While playing slots, for example, you may see a small wrench icon beside the Auto-Spin button. If the slot in question has individual sound controls, you can click that icon to view them. 

Some slots have additional sound controls. These wrench icons vary in color between slots.

In Blackjack, look for the wrench icon at the lower left. In Roulette, the settings icon is labelled Options.

While playing Bingo, you can turn the voice of the Bingo caller on or off.

Click the paytable icon to access the sound controls in Bingo. To open the Bingo options menu, click the icon at the upper right.

If you have already turned sounds off in the main options menu for the casino, then you will not have the option to enable individual sounds in specific games.

I turned sounds back on, but the game is still muted!

If you are still not hearing sounds in the game after enabling sound in the Options menu, try refreshing the page to reload the casino. If that doesn't help, make sure your computer's volume is set to an audible level and that your speakers are turned on.

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