How to level up in DoubleDown Casino

We love our loyal players at DoubleDown Casino, and we are constantly looking for ways to reward you. Levels and XP (Experience Points) are a great way to make the most of the spins you take, the hands you play at cards, and the Bingo cards you daub. Win or lose, you always earn XP, moving you to the next level and the next bonus! Here’s how it works:

Above the game, you will find your XP indicator:

The thumbnail display shows your current level and fills with green as you progress.

The number in the box is your current level. As the box fills with green from bottom to top, it represents the XP you are earning toward the next level. Click the box to open the detail view:

The detail view shows how many XP you need to reach the next level and how many chips you will receive for leveling up.

This player is level 11, on the way to level 12. Between levels 11 and 12, the player must earn 100,000 XP, and they have earned 65743 so far. Each bet made will increase the first number shown, moving toward the goal.

Each time you level up, you will receive bonus chips as a reward! 

As you continue to level up higher and higher, you will see that the level up targets get bigger. This is because the rewards get bigger and bigger too! Keep enjoying your favorite games in the casino, and you will continue to effortlessly earn bonuses just by playing.

Want to get to the next level a little faster? You earn more XP with larger bets than small. So if you’re feeling like a high roller today, watch the XP roll high with you.

Note: XP is accrued based on actions involving chips. This means that no XP is earned for free bonus round spins, as no chips were used to take those spins.

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