How to play Slots at DoubleDown Casino

When you visit DoubleDown Casino, you can enter the Slots lobby to play in either Classic or Tournaments mode. Classic is the traditional single-player slots game, while Tournaments offer a competitive edge as you play for a large prize against other players on the same slot. Read all about Slots Tournaments at DoubleDown Casino.

You can sort the classic slots view by newest or most popular:

Sort slots by newest or most popular

Choose a slot to play. You can learn more about the slot at any time by viewing its paytable.

Typically, when you play a slot, you choose how many lines to play and how much to bet per line. Most slots at DoubleDown will default to selecting all available lines. On some slots, you can adjust the number of paylines:

Paylines x Line Bet = Total Bet 

Use the plus and minus symbols to adjust the number of lines and the bet per line.

Many slots include a feature that involves playing the maximum lines. In those cases, the number of lines in play will be displayed, but there will be no way to adjust it.

This slot plays on all lines. This slot always plays with all 40 lines.

The line bet/coin value typically defaults to the lowest option if this is your first time playing this slot. You can increase your line bet/coin value, and the Total Bet field will adjust to display the number of chips committed to each spin with the current selections (Line Bet x Lines = Total Bet).

If you have previously played this particular slot, it will remember the bet you had last selected. Make sure to check your current bet before your first spin, in case you want to play higher or lower this time than on your last visit.

Some slots have a Max button. This will automatically select the maximum number of paylines, but it will not change your line bet/coin value. Max also initiates a spin, so make sure you have set your desired bet before pressing it.

You can adjust these options between spins as desired. Feeling lucky? You might choose to increase your bet. Want to conserve your chips? Lower your bet and/or the number of lines.

Once you have set your preferred line bet/coin value and chosen the number of lines to play, take a spin! The Spin button may show the word or a symbol:

Spin icon

You can also set the slot to spin more than once in a row. This option may be called Auto or Auto Spin, depending on the slot. The Auto Spin feature may simply start the spins, or it may prompt you to choose a set number of spins to play out:

Select a number of spins to run on Auto Spin.

Once engaged, the Auto Spin button will change into a Stop button. Choose Stop at any time to end the automatic spins. Automatic spins will always stop if a bonus round is triggered. After the bonus round completes, you can select automatic spins again, but they will not continue on their own.

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