How to play Bingo at DoubleDown Casino

Bingo at DoubleDown Casino allows you to be as hands-on as you choose or as laid back as you like while enjoying the classic crowd pleaser.

When you select Bingo in the DoubleDown lobby, you have two choices of game type: Manual and Auto-Daub.

  • Manual is the traditional Bingo experience, in which you daub the cards as the numbers are called.
  • Auto-Daub does all the work for you, leaving your hands free to chat with your friends. Auto-Daub also moves your cards around for you as they fill in, keeping the cards closest to Bingo at the top left so you won’t miss a chance to shout, “Bingo!”

    Note: These choices are not just how you will personally play the game, they are different game types. There is no risk that you will be competing against Auto-Daub players when you have chosen Manual.

You will be placed in the next available game of the type you selected.

The cost per card varies by game. If you would like to search for higher- or lower-cost games, use the Game Finder. Just select Bingo Lobby to exit without purchasing cards.

When you are ready to enter a game, choose the number of cards you want to play. You can play as many as 12 or as few as 1. Click Continue to confirm your purchase, and wait for the start of the round. The game cannot start until it has at least 10 players, and it will never have more than 50.

Once you have bought your cards, get ready for the game to start, and make sure to check the target pattern for this game so you’ll know when to shout, “Bingo!” The pattern will be displayed throughout the game on the left side.

If you have a winning card, hit BINGO at the top of that card immediately! The Bingo caller will announce a first-place winner (or more than one, if there is a tie), then a second-place winner the next time Bingo is called. The game will continue until time runs out, so don’t stop daubing—you’re now playing for the Progressive Jackpot!

The Progressive Jackpot pays out when a player blacks out a card completely. That’s hard to do, of course, so we give out consolation prizes to the player or players who come closest to that achievement at the end of each game.

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