How to play Poker at DoubleDown Casino

DoubleDown Casino Poker comes in four varieties to suit your playing style (select a title to learn more): 

Check out the Poker glossary if you are unfamiliar with any of the terms.

Finding a Game

Select a game, then find a table to join. You can look for a table in Standard View or Advanced View.

There are several factors to choosing a table:

  • Speed
    Do you prefer a fast-paced game or do you like more time to consider your moves?
  • Blinds
    Do you want high pots on each hand, or do you want to conserve your chips and play longer?
  • Jackpots
    All our tables have Progressive Jackpots. Hover over the icon in this column to see the current jackpots available for each table.
  • Players
    Fewer players make for shorter hands, but more players mean bigger pots!

In Standard View, use the slider bar to set your preferred blind and buy-in amounts and the arrow buttons to select a speed setting. Then click the blue Play Now! button at the bottom to find a table that matches your preferences. Alternatively, click the red Play Now! button at the top to jump right into a game. You will be matched with any game that has an open seat, so be sure to review the game details before taking a seat at the table.

Click the red Play Now! button to join a game at random. Click to join a game at random.

Click the blue Play Now! button to find a game matching your preferences. Click to find a game matching your preferences.

To select your table individually, use Advanced View. You can scroll through the list of all available games or sort the list by any column. Click the red Play Now! button at the top to join a game at random, or click the blue arrow beside the game you want to join.

In Advanced View, you can choose a specific table to join.

Upon joining a game, confirm your buy-in and set Auto-Rebuy on or off. If you choose not to use Auto-Rebuy, you will be prompted to buy in again upon depleting your stack. The buy-in does not commit you to playing for any length of time at a table; you can leave a table at any time and take your stack with you.


Click the icon at the upper right to open the Poker options menu. Click to open the Poker Options menu. The options will vary by game but can include any of the following:

  • Auto-Rebuy On
    This button is only an indicator. In order to change this setting, you must leave the table and sit down again. Auto-Rebuy can only be set on or off at the buy-in screen.
  • Sit Out
    Keep your seat without playing the current hand. You will be skipped in the blinds for the turns you sit out. If you sit out too many hands in a row, you will lose your seat at the table.
  • Stand
    Leave the table without leaving the room. If you want to change your Auto-Rebuy setting, Stand and then choose a seat again; this will bring you back to the buy-in screen.
  • Go to Casino
    Return to the main casino lobby.
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