Backstage Pass FAQs

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

What activities at DoubleDown Casino earn Backstage Pass points?

While playing DoubleDown Casino on the website for Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas or playing on mobile while logged in under the connected Facebook account (review the full steps to connect your Backstage Pass and DoubleDown Casino player accounts), you can earn rewards points for the following DoubleDown activities:

  • Slots
  • Video Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette

What can my Backstage Pass points be used for?

Backstage Pass points can be redeemed exclusively at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas. Review the Backstage Pass Rewards page for more details regarding this program.

How soon after earning points can I use them?

Once a day, DoubleDown and Backstage Pass are synchronized to update points earned by players. This update occurs at approximately 5:00 AM (Note: All times listed are in the Pacific time zone), and it includes the game records for the previous day, ending at 11:59 PM. 

For instance, on a Monday morning, you could use the points you had earned prior to 11:59 PM Sunday night. If you kept playing until 1:00 AM, the points earned between midnight and 1:00 AM would not be available for use until Tuesday.

Will my Backstage Pass points expire?

Points earned through playing DoubleDown Casino expire after 180 days if unused.

For instance, let's say you start playing on March 1 and earn 10 points that day. 180 days later (August 28), you have played enough to earn 1,000 points total. If you don't use any points that day, your points will start expiring in the order they were earned. On August 29, the 181st day, your 10 points from March 1 have expired, but the 990 points earned on days 2-180 remain.  

Do I need to enter my Player ID more than once?

No. However, if you play DoubleDown Casino on any other website besides Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, it is recommended that you clear your browser history before you return to the Hard Rock site. This will help ensure your play is properly recorded and credited to the Backstage Pass program.

Why might I not earn points?

  1. Has your Backstage Pass account been activated? This must be done in person at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas.
  2. Have you entered your Player ID in DoubleDown Casino? Review the instructions for entering a Player ID.
  3. Are you playing DoubleDown Casino on a site other than the website for Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas? No other website connects to the Backstage Pass program.
  4. Are you playing in an area of the casino for which points are not accrued? Only Slots, Video Poker, Blackjack, and Roulette can earn points.
  5. If you are playing on mobile, are you logged in with the same Facebook account you used to connect your DoubleDown and Backstage Pass accounts? Playing as a Guest on mobile does not allow you to earn points.
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