Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges offer new ways to play each day, as well as big chip prizes. 

Click the Daily Challenge shield icon Click the Daily Challenge icon to view the active challenge.

Each bet level has its own set of three challenges: bronze, silver, and gold. Once you complete the bronze challenge, silver will unlock. Complete silver to unlock gold.

When do the challenges reset every day?

You will see a new set of challenges appear daily at 12:01 AM Pacific time, the same time the Daily Wheel resets.

Can I skip ahead to the next day's challenges as soon as I finish today's?

No, but you can play more than one set of challenges per day by changing your bet level. Each bet level has its own version of the current Daily Challenge.

What are the different types of challenges?

Note: Most challenges involve a quantity of symbols or combinations that must be achieved during play. In the explanations below, the quantity factor is stated as X.

Collect X symbol: This challenge counts all appearances of the specified symbol anywhere on the reels; the symbols are counted toward the challenge regardless of the outcome of the spin. Free spins do not contribute toward this challenge.

Collect X 3-of-a-kind symbol / Collect X 4-of-a-kind symbol: This type of challenge counts winning combinations; the symbols must appear in adjacent columns starting from the leftmost reel. Free spins do not contribute toward this challenge.

Trigger X Bonuses: 3 or more Bonus symbols trigger a free spins bonus. Retriggering the bonus round does not contribute toward this challenge; the challenge counts each bonus round as one event, no matter how many free spins are ultimately awarded.

Trigger X Big Wins: Big Wins (10x your bet or greater) are identified by the Big Win graphic. Note that Big Wins occur in the base game only, so free spins do not contribute toward this challenge.

What does "Challenge Prize Already Awarded" mean?

Typically, when you complete a Daily Challenge, you receive a notification immediately as the prize is awarded. The only exceptions to this process are when the challenge completion coincides with other visually intense game actions: bonus rounds and Big Wins. 

If you were in the middle of a bonus round or a Big Win payout animation at the same time that you met the criteria for the active Daily Challenge, then the prize was added to your balance while the other animations were appearing. The "Already Awarded" notification then appears to let you know your prize was awarded successfully. 

Wait--I had made progress on the challenge, but now it's gone. What happened?

Did you change your bet? Each bet level has its own version of the current Daily Challenge. If you change back to the bet level you were previously playing, you will find your progress toward the challenge is intact, as long as it is still the same day (the day starts at 12:01 AM Pacific time).

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