How to upload a file to your support request

If you have been asked to submit a screenshot or video capture to our Customer Experience team, it can be sent via your email reply as an attachment or uploaded through the Help Center.

To upload a file:

First, sign in to the DoubleDown Casino Help Center. Click or tap your name at the upper right corner, and choose My activities.

You will see a list of support requests. Click the subject line of the issue to which you would like to attach a file.

Below the text box you would use to type a new reply, there is a field for attachments. Click Add file to browse your device for the file you wish to upload. Alternatively, you can drag the file and drop it into the box.

Files can be uploaded via My Activities on the help site.

After the file has been added, simply add any message to the text field, and click the Submit button to send your attachment.

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