What happens on my Valid Until date?

Click the Diamond Club logo in the DoubleDown Casino lobby to view your account information, including your current Valid Until date. The display will also indicate your current Loyalty Point balance and the number of Loyalty Points needed to achieve the next tier.

Your Valid Until date will initially be one year from the date you joined Diamond Club. Every time you advance to a new tier, your Valid Until date is set to one year in the future. 

Example: If you joined Diamond Club on September 30, 2016, your initial Valid Until date would be September 30, 2017. If you advanced to Yellow Diamond tier on October 20, 2016, your Valid Until date would then change to October 20, 2017.

Advancing to the next tier uses Loyalty Points and resets your Valid Until date.

If you have earned sufficient Loyalty Points to maintain your tier but not to move up, the tier cost will be deducted, and your Valid Until date will be advanced one year. Any extra points remain in your account.

If you have not earned enough Loyalty Points to maintain your tier, you will move to a lower tier, and your Valid Until date will be advanced one year.

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