How do I keep track of my progress in a sweepstakes?

Some of our gaming events challenge you to play a certain number of spins per day or to play until you've achieved bonus rounds in specific slots. There is no display of your progress toward these goals. Here are some tips for keeping track.

  • Take notes, either on paper or on your computer.
    Make a list of the challenge goals. Check off each one as you achieve it. For instance, in our Trick or Treat event, your challenge is to play bonus rounds in each of the five featured slots. Start by writing down the names of the featured slots:

    Nighty Nightmare
    Black Widow
    Day of the Dead
    Miss Red
    Hexbreaker 2

    While you play, make a little check mark beside each slot name when you play a bonus round. You can earn additional entries if you have multiple full sets of bonus rounds, so add a check mark each time. A couple of days in, your list might look like this:

    Nighty Nightmare ✓✓
    Black Widow ✓
    Day of the Dead ✓✓
    Miss Red ✓✓
    Hexbreaker 2 ✓✓

    Looking at that list, you know you already have one entry in the competition, because you have played at least one bonus round in all five slots. But it's also clear that you are very close to having two entries; all you would need is one more bonus round in Black Widow to get there!

  • Keep the time zone difference in mind.
    DoubleDown Casino is based in the Pacific time zone. For us, a day starts at 12:00 AM Pacific, and ends at 11:59 PM Pacific. To be sure how much time you have to complete a day's challenge or when you can start playing toward the next day's challenge, find out what time it is in the Pacific time zone.

We hope this helps you get the most out of our sweepstakes events. What other methods have you come up with? If you have a great suggestion, share it with us on Facebook or in a message to Customer Support.

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